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The Ballistic Bronson and His High Flying Adventures through the Simian Simulation

By: Team ++ (Thomas Bouffard, Justin John, Kristen Kanekuni, Sungmin Park)

Design Doc

Video Music: In the Vicinity

This game is a platformer. You are playing as a monkey who is being tested by a group of scientist. You are given one piece of equipment; a rocket launcher. There are two different types of ammunition; a red vial that explodes and pushes you back, and a blue vial that pulls you towards it. Are you able to reach the banana fountain at the end of the task? Play below to find out!

Amaze Runner

By: Team # ¯\_ツ_/¯ (Thomas Bouffard, Kristen Kanekuni, Todd Williams)

Video By: Todd Williams

Amaze Runner is a top down dungeon crawler with auto scroller elements. You must fight your way through enemies in order to advance through the maze. Be careful not to fall too far behind though or you’ll end up like the rest of the skeletons.